Medical Weight Loss

Our Approach

Senoia Family Medical Care is committed to its patients customized weight loss solutions.  Weight loss can be a serious challenge for most people and we strive to offer weight loss options that will best meet your individual needs and goals.  We take your commitment to weight loss seriously and are committed to helping you make the holistic changes in lifestyle to better health.  We look forward to taking the weight loss journey with you!

There are several program options available at Sonia Family Medical Care to help you achieve your weight loss goals.  No two weight loss programs are alike because each of our clients has specific needs and goals.  We take a comprehensive view of your medical history and your current goals so that we can recommend the most effective protocol for your individual needs.  By concentrating on specific types of nutritional foods while avoiding others, this form of weight loss is safe and easy.


We are proud to offer Super B-12 injections as well to compliment your dietary needs.  These help to enhance your weight loss results.  Take advantage of our special offer of buy 4 Super B-12 shots and get one free!  We are excited to educate you on your proper dietary changes. Education and Counseling are the keys to success using this approach. 

For many patients, FDA approved medications are an effective tool to help you achieve your weight loss goals.  When properly prescribed, these medications can help to curb appetite and increase your metabolism.  We will take a comprehensive approach to helping you decide if this weight loss tool is right for you.

Our commitment to your weight loss doesn't end after you have met your goals. We offer continuing support to help you maintain your results for a lifetime!  Periodic support after your weight loss is an excellent way to stay on track and maintain your new healthy lifestyle.

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